Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So clean, so fresh...

This ones for the girlz!
So I have been using the same face products literally forever and as we age our skin changes. Unfortunately not for the better. I personally have combination skin, dry cheeks and semi-oily T-zone. For the past 15 years I have been 
using Oil Of Olay Foaming face wash and Clinique Dramatically 
Different Moisturizer. 
These two products are amazinfg and kept my skin clear and healthy for a long time but I recently noticed a change in my skin. A bit more oily and breakouts on 
my forhead that were getting out of control. So time to change my reginam.
I picked up a few new products that I LOVE and cleared my skin in a week!
First I started with a new cleanser...

FRESH Soy Face Cleanser.

This cleanser is AMAZING! It melts the makeup right off your face. And i mean everything...eye makeup and glitter included! It smells like cucumbers plus you only need a small drop to wash your entire face. It leaves your face clean & soft with no dryness or soapy residue.

Next up: Clinique Toner

What I love about Clinique is you can customize your products to your skin type. I started using this toner and after 2 weeks my break outs diminished by 80%. The trick is don't use it every day it will dry out your skin and get rid of some natural oils you need. Some say if you are using a toner then your face cleanser isn't doing its job. My problem is when I wash my face in the bathroom sink at night I cant get around my hairline well enough without throwing water all over the bathroom. SO this is perfect for the missed makeup I didn't reach. 
Added plus it exfoliates my skin for my next step.

Last step: Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

This product really made a difference on my skin. It moisturizes & just brings a new life to it. Its a high-performance cocktail of exfoliating ingredients prompts a renewal process that is multilevel, time-released. Speeds fresh cells to the surface. Continually unveils brighter, more radiant skin. Leaves skin with a velvety feel and a perfected look. You will see more color in 
your cheeks within minutes.
These Clinque items might run you a bit more expense then you usually spend on your skin regimen but are totally worth it. I recommend buying trial or travel sizes to test them out. 
I highly recommend trying these products for your new summer glow! 

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