Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal affair...

Well if you live on earth you know today was that beautiful wedding of Price William & Kate Middleton. From the custom made Alexander McQueen bridal gown to the Irish Uniforms it was breathtaking. Actually I think most Americans find it fascinating, the whole idea of royalty. In America our royalty is Brad & Angelina. lol 
I luckily live on a Island where weddings are a BIG deal. There are amazing floral arrangements at the church and every reception table, light shows, bands & DJ's, cocktails flying. A normal wedding around here is about $50,000. So are you getting married this summer, engaged or just dreaming of your big day?
Here a some of my favorite trends & DIY money savers. 

If you have the time and help of friends and family try to do a DIY project for your wedding. Whether it be the favors or invitations, the little handmade details make a difference.

Instead of gathering all your pictures in a frame or white foam board think of different fun ways you can display them. I like this idea of pining them up on a line, plus you don't ruin the pictures.

Items like these miniature lollipops and tin buckets can be found on craft websites in bulk for super cheap.
A little ribbon & hot glue and you have yourself some treats for your guests.

Who doesn't like wine! Save, buy or ask a local restaurant to save you there corks and make these illuminating candles to put on each table.

This is my favorite because its the most personalized and its my field of work.
If your computer savvy, custom beer/wine labels or even small signs to put around your wedding are a sweet touch.

As like the last.. this is another favorite. You'll need to spend more of your budget on table numbers and seating cards OR your venue will supply them. (but usually boring and generic) Why not make your own!?

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